About UNI

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UNI is a global network of media production services with a truly 360 degree approach. 

We offer universal cost effective turnkey services & solutions for TV networks across six continents. 

Delivering an integrated service tailored to the needs of the client is the heart of our business.

Our activities range from:-

  • Broadcast Operations  
  • Satellite transmission 
  • Multicam Studios 
  • Turn Around  
  • Satellite Space Segments
  • One Camera studio Link
  • Tape Play Outs
  • News Gathering
  • Editing 

All services are well coordinated via our sat-desk manned by qualified multilingual clerks 24-hours-a-day seven days a week. 

Since its establishment , UNI has become one of the leading broadcasting and television production agencies in the Middle East. Our office is anchored in the heart of the region - Cairo - from where we offer our services to clients all over the world, including
(BBC, Al Hurra, France 24, TV5, Dubai TV, Al Arabiya, Russia Today, CNBC, SKY News Arabiya & CNN)

Global satellite transmission is the corner stone of our business. 

Studio live shots and play outs are broadcast from our worldwide UNI studios and offices in  Beirut ,Sana'a, Amman ,Baghdad, Kabul , London  ,Istanbul and Washington DC. 

VTRs from Estanbul and London.


We also provide SNG Mobile Trucks for Ad-Hoc or permanent, exclusive or partial rental,  via our global network. 

These units are always on standby ready to use across multiple locations with minimum waiting time.

Qualified engineers and production experts with extensive experience in the industry, guarantee a secure and efficient production.  

UNI has already conducted several Special Coverage Operations in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Far East for major TV Networks, ranging from Multi Cam productions to Hot Zone Live pole or stand up coverage. 

Our transmission services are available in the quality our clients’ need, whether it’s standard definition or Ultra High Definition, supported by the most effective compression and modulation technologies in broadcast . 

Multi-cam Studios are just one of the elite services that UNI now provide. We have installed professional Full HD control rooms, fully equipped with the latest equipment on the market, and are mindful of our studios’ backdrops and locations. 

Through this UNI news agency can also self-produce programs for our clients such  TV live show and sport events coverage - with our dedicated TV content post-production teams & ENG crews. 

We carry 4 to 12 cameras OB Vans with or without crews for ready to Air productions.

UNI also take care of our client’s post-production needs. We offer non linear Editing and Post Production both in SD & HD with Adobe Final Cut Pro in addition to professional graphics creation services.

ENG Crews and producers are on standby around the clock, ready for the client whether compiling Shot lists or accompanying journalists  in their travels .  Our highly experienced cameramen are able to film in all  SD or HD formats. 

UNI’s goal in the next phase is to break the barrier of the world’s time zones by opening two new hubs in the Far East and North and South America. This will allow UNI’s expert and tailored broadcast services and around-the-clock news coverage to stretch from Tokyo to New York. 


UNI is a modern day success story. Together with our worldwide partners and valued clients, we share the same goal: to broadcast high quality 24-hour news content across the globe.